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MONDAYS: Dean’s Favorite Things – Tea Towels from Le Jacquard Francais

By Dean Driver

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As I start this weekly feature on things i just can’t live without, these just had to be at the top of the list! I know that we are supposed to be talking about the table here, but the kitchen and the table flirt with each other every day. So, we might as well let them kiss.
Le Jacquard Francais; known for their fun and festive table, kitchen and bath linens, never seems to run out of imaginative new designs. While this whole collection is as practical as it is beautiful, their tea towels are an absolute kitchen necessity.
OK, I admit, the words ‘Tea Towels” sounds a bit pissy. They are really just great kitchen towels. The 100% cotton jacquard fabric (made in France) is super absorbent, dries quickly and comes out of the washer and dryer with no need for ironing. These large towels come is so many whimsical patterns, both traditional and contemporary, and look just great hanging anywhere (they even look great framed.)
The best part is the $24.00 retail price makes them perfect as a host/hostess gifts, shower gifts and stocking stuffers. I often wrap a bottle of wine in them as a gift! Among their other uses: lobster napkins/bibs, picnic napkins and guest towels
Every kitchen needs at least a dozen of these! Contact us for me info on all of the great designs currently available.